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About Us

We are a customer engagement and experience business, developing channels that businesses use to engage their customers and enabling payments across all these channels. Channels include SMS, USSD, app, web and social media. We operate a scalable, omni-channel payments platform that processes payments, manages devices and connects to various 3rd party systems and applications.

Our Services


We integrate various payments methods including mobile money (MPESA, Airtel Money and Equitel) and card payments. We also integrate bank transactions for direct-debit and will continue to integrate any new payment services.

Payments Channels

We enable our clients’ customers to make payments across all touch points e.g. USSD, SMS, apps, web social media as well as physical touch points such as service centers and call centers. Our services are designed to make it easy for customers to pay their service providers.

Conversation and discovery

We leverage on artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop chatbots, robots and other intuitive solutions that innovate and personalize service delivery. We develop bots for social media, including Telegram and Watson, and integrate payments solutions.

Integration, dashboards and reconciliation

We integrate our platform with client systems to provide automated reconciliation for payments made to financial and customer management systems. We provide dashboards that show payments and engagement analytics

Our Solutions


Our proprietary platform that hosts our payments gateway. The platform is scalable, omni-channel and processes payments (both mobile and e-commerce), manages devices and connects to various 3rd party systems and applications. The platform is layered with cognitive and intuitive applications that provide clever analytics that provide payments insights to our clients.


PayMe is our business/merchant application that can be implemented either on Node or on client systems. It sends requests to pay to various mobile wallets, requiring the customer to only enter their PIN number. We implement this application across all customer touch points including USSD, SMS, app, web, social media and chatbots


RevenueSure is our revenue management platform that provides our clients with an end-to-end solution for management of revenues, revenue streams, revenue collection and revenue collection devices. The system provides detailed and intuitive analytics to enable our clients to track collections, devices and staff, and can be customized to track revenue locations and sites.


ReconMate is our automated reconciliation and transaction matching application that automates typical routine reconciliation of transactions. It is built to automatically peruse and identify transactions from a master data source and match them with third party systems that interact with the master data. It is powered by an analytics engine that analyses transactions and presents them in desired visualisations based on our clients’ needs.


TicketSoko is our booking engine that enables ticketing and receipting for a variety of services e.g. event ticketing, transport (road, rail, air) ticketing and hotels. The platform allows for various ways to receive tickets for customers including SMS and PDF through email. It also provides a QR Code validation application, as well as detailed analytics to show event attendance, as well as transport and hotel sales.


Kunta is a cognitive, cloud based agent that is trained to handle over 100 of the most common customer service issues. It is a chatbot that allows an organization to serve customers remotely and at their points of interest using social media and messaging applications e.g. Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Telegram. Targeted at financial services (banks, insurance, microfinance) and e-commerce.

Our Partners