About RevenueSure

RevenueSure is our revenue management platform that provides our clients with an end-to-end solution for management of revenues.

RevenueSure is a system that provides detailed & intuitive analytics to enable our clients to track collections, devices & staff, & can be customized to track revenue locations & sites. RevenueSure can be used by any institution or organization that has more than one revenue stream.


Key Modules in RevenueSure


The eWallet allows users to be able to make payments for services they consume without having to remember too many details. It also allows users to track all payments and receipts for payments they make.


The system is accessible in a variety of channels including SMS, USSD, Web, App and Social Media. Each of the channels is secured through tokens that only allow the registered user to access the services.

Backend Portal

The backend portal allows you to monitor all activities in revenue collection and management. It allows for easy addition of revenue streams, updating of various rates to be paid, add/remove devices, view transactions etc.

Reports & Analytics

The reports module provides a detailed breakdown of each revenue stream. It also provides insights into the data collected through the system and provides audit capabilities.