About Us

We are a customer engagement and experience business concentrating on developing payments solutions that allow customers and their service providers/merchants to transact at ease.

We are an IBM Business Partner which allows us to provide added value to our clients by providing cognitive data analytics, discovery services through IBM Watson (chatbots and robots), API development services as well as other services available on IBM Cloud. We commercialize all customer engagement channels, enable payments through mobile money and e-commerce and providing intuitive dashboards.

Our Business

We have developed our own platforms on which we enable our clients to extend simple, agile customer engagement solutions. We build the channels that engage customers, such as SMS, USSD, web, apps and social media. We integrate these channels to our platforms to provide customers with easy ways to make payments to their service providers/merchants. We also integrate our payments gateway with our clients’ systems for automated updating of customer records, acknowledgement of payments and automate payment validation and reconciliation.